You find the perfect candidate

It has been a long process.  It has taken months from the day the job was advertised through to her first day.

Another five months pass and she is almost fully up to speed.  You are going to see some return on the time and money spent on getting her to this point.

And then she resigns.

And you have to start all over again.

The first time this happens, it is rough.  But when it starts to happen more often, it becomes a real problem

The financial impact is significant (research tells us that replacing an employee is equivalent to 20 - 30% of annual salary). 

But it is more than that.  It's the disruption it has on your business.  The inability to meet your commitments. 

The extra work you have to ask your existing team to do.  The morale of a team who start to question why they should stay if everyone else is going. 

And the endless lost hours reviewing applications, interviewing and training.

Not forgetting, of course, the months of running below optimal levels as you wait for people to get up to speed.

Let’s make that stop before it happens again.

Here’s how I can help with that.

I provide a consulting service to help businesses keep great people on their team.

In particular, I work with businesses that are losing staff within the first 12 months.  Or businesses that see it as a real risk and want to stop it happening.

The personalised consulting service is based on three fundamental beliefs

  1. You won’t keep people in your business if they weren’t the right people in the first place.
  2. You should welcome new hires into your business in a way that makes them feel like they have made the best decision ever.
  3. You should support them with a type of environment where they can thrive mentally, socially and professionally.


I can help in a variety of ways

OPTION ONE:  You don't know why people are leaving


That's not surprising.  There could be a number of reasons. 

So this is how it works.  I walk through the process with you step by step as you hire the next three employees into your business.  We will work on everything from ensuring you are attracting and selecting the right candidates, how you are welcoming them into your business and what their new hire experience is like for those first few critical months.

Improvements will be made to the entire new hire experience

I start working with you as soon as you have a role to fill and jump in at key points until the third new hire has been with you for three months. (Not full time obviously!  I get involved exactly when you need me)

But this is not an audit. (I don't believe in writing documents that will never leave your download file)  We will discuss and implement changes based on best practices with the very first hire (so you will see improvements right from the start)  We will then work together to see what needs tweaking for your business and make those changes for hires two and three.

An action plan to follow for your future new hires

This approach allows me to get to know your business so I can see what works best.  I can then give you a tailored action plan so your team can do it again and again for future hires.  It will also include options to consider for different roles or departments.  A consistent approach that can be personalised for each role.


The process looks something like this


The job is approved!

It's time to make sure you are attracting the right candidates for the role.  I will work with you to brush up the job advert and decide on information you want on the application to quickly see the diamonds in that candidate pile.

It's interview time!

I help you find the best selection process for this role.   Traditional interviews aren't always the best option for every role.  You need to find the best candidate, not just the best candidate in an interview situation.

You made the offer. They said yes!

It's all about the employee experience now.  I work with you to identify the objectives for their first few months. It's then time to design an onboarding plan to get them up to speed fast, and integrate them into the business.


First day and beyond

It's time to look, listen and tweak.  Here's where we learn what is working well and what we need to change.  We get feedback from your new employee about their experience, and incorporate your thoughts too.  And then we make it even better for next time.

OPTION TWO:  You need some more tailored help


Maybe you know exactly where you need help so the consulting package can be tailored to fit your needs. Every business is different after all.  But to give you an idea, I can help with the following kind of things

  • Create an onboarding programme that not only makes your new hires feel they have made the best decision ever but also gets them up to speed to meet your needs
  • Develop a communication programme to ‘sell’ the benefits of a great new hire experience to the rest of the business
  • Rework your job adverts to reflect your business to ensure you are attracting the right candidates (that will stick around)
  • Design your selection process to find the best candidate for the job, not just the best candidate at interview.
  • Provide coaching or training to individuals or groups of managers to help them keep hold of the staff they have
  • Conduct ‘stay interviews’ with your current employees (or ‘exit interviews’ with previous ones) to identify any red flags you should be working on



My new hire started today.  Following your excellent advice, it was a triumph.

I kept in weekly touch with her during the three months since she accepted. We had everything ready for her on her arrival. We’d tested her access to the systems before she arrived. She said it was the first time she’d ever had everything to hand on a first day. She’s met her new boss, has a day out with me planned for tomorrow and she enjoyed her first day.

Anne Wood

Britain's Largest Water Company

It's time to make a change.

Let’s get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to work with you?

I like to get my hands dirty.  I like to make change happen while I am with you, and leave you with the knowledge and systems to ensure it continues.

I’m not the type of consultant that writes long reports and then leaves you to it.  I don’t think that this the best use of your money or my time.  I like action!  I believe the best way to tackle this problem is to actually test out some solutions.  I hate to walk away from an engagement without seeing some positive change taking place.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t shy away from documentation.  But what I produce is more action based with templates and checklists that will save you time and effort going forward.


How would we work together day to day?

Although I can work with you at your offices, your Finance Director may be pleased to know that I can also complete a lot of this work remotely.  This means I can dip in and out whenever you need me (you don’t even have to buy me coffee)  And I can work with you no matter where you are in the world.  Isn’t modern technology the best!

Why should we work with you?

Because I get it.   Unlike other consulting firms, this is all I do.  I specialise in helping business curb the flow of employees leaving too soon.

And this focus has been a result of being exactly where you are now  I have felt the disruption that losing staff brings to a business.  You need to make it stop now and you need solutions that can be implemented today.   I can give you that.

Want to stop your new hires leaving?

Of course you do.