Well, of course I don’t know for sure.  So forgive me if I make some bold assumptions.

  • You have a really busy job.
  • You feel like you are struggling to keep your head above water because you are always short staffed.
  • You seem to spend a massive amount of time recruiting and training new staff.
  • It takes a long time to get them to a point of being really productive.


  • If you do have an HR team, they are being stretched too thinly to really help with this problem.
  • This constant recruiting/training cycle is costing the business precious time and money, and each time you feel like you are losing a bit of your sanity.


Because I have been in exactly the same place as you are now. 

I am not an HR professional.  My background is 20+ years in the operational heart of businesses.

I have felt the impact of losing great staff that I worked so hard to find.

I have been the one in front of customers explaining why we could not deliver to agreed commitments.

So I learnt fast.

Soon I had a consistent plan that we used for all new hires.  And it worked time and time again.  We proved that taking time and building a strong connection with our new employees gave them something to stay for.

And you know what, when the pressure was on, these were the guys that dug the deepest to get us through it.

Roll the clock forward a couple of years.

I was in the middle of an incredibly frantic department bouncing from one crisis to the next.

We were recruiting fast and losing them faster.

It was no surprise.  We were putting more and more pressure on the new guys that did stay.  And morale was really low.

Despite best intentions to put the next intake through structured onboarding, we had no time to prepare.   When we weren’t interviewing, we were trying to catch up on the backlog of the day job.  Before we knew it, our new hire was starting on Monday and we had barely blocked out time in our calendars to say hi.

It was so frustrating.

I knew how to do this stuff but I didn’t have time to do it

This frustration sparked my curiosity.

How do other companies do this well consistently?

How can busy people, who need their new hires the most, easily follow their lead to keep the staff they work so hard to recruit?

What are the key ingredients to create a workplace where people want to be?

So I started my research and began talking to other companies that seemed to have this all sorted out.

NewHire365 is a culmination of my experience and theirs, translated into actionable ideas and tips for you.

Low cost, low tech ideas that you can implement today to stop your great employees walking out within the first year.


Please take what you can from this website until you are so brilliant that you don’t need it anymore.  And then come and tell me how you did it.

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