Six Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Everyday from Dr Marshall Goldsmith


One Sentence Summary:   Everyone should take responsibility for their own success and happiness and that includes your employees.


Length of video:  25.02 mins

Favourite Quote:

Six Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Everyday



3 Lessons from the Video:

  1. Why don’t people implement things they learn from training or coaching?  The key variable to successful change is not the programme – it’s the person.
  2. 100% of dialogue around employee engagement is what is the company going to do to engage the employee and 0% to do with what employees are going to do to engage themselves.  But think about it.  Two employees – same job, same pay, some employee engagement programme – but one is happy and one is not.  The difference is not on the outside, it’s on the inside.
  3. Traditional employee engagement surveys ask passive questions.   Do you have clear goals? Do you have meaning in your work?  Do you have a best friend at work?  If your employees answer negatively to these questions, they will generally blame the environment.  If you ask them active questions – did I do my best to be happy?  Did I do my best to find meaning?  Build positive relationships? – suddenly they are taking some ownership for themselves.


My Personal Takeaway:  Take responsibility for becoming the person you want to be .  And encourage others to take responsibility to do the same.

Dr Goldsmith identifies six questions to ask yourself everyday to ensure you are doing everything you can to do be at your best.  I’ll be trying them!


Who would I recommend this video to:
The manager who has a team that expect him to bring all the joy and happiness into the workplace.
The leader that wants to look at employee engagement in a new way.
The individual that is striving to be the best person they can be but needs help to keep them focussed.


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