A 30 Second Tribal Leadership Summary: Did you know you are part of a tribe?  In fact you are probably in several.  Humans naturally form tribes – at work, school, through our passions and beliefs.  By understanding the culture of the tribes we can help lead  each other to become better individuals.

Length of video:  16.39 mins

Favourite Quote:

3 Lessons from the Video:

  1. Tribes are naturally occurring.  Everyone is in a number of tribes.  Not all tribes are the same.  What makes the difference is the culture.
  2. There are five stages of a tribe.  As a tribal leader you want to nudge your tribes up the stages.  These stages are
    • Life sucks
    • My life sucks
    • I’m great (and you’re not)
    • We’re great
    • Life is great
  3. People only understand one stage up and down to where they are.  Therefore you need to be aware of that when communicating with them

My Personal Takeaway:  You can’t take people from thinking life sucks to believing life is great overnight.  There are stages of progression.

I think a lot of people will recognise the ‘I’m great’ tribes in their organisations.  David Logan does a great job of defining the difference between this stage (where everyone is out for themselves) and the one above it where people feel like they are in something together.

Who would I recommend this video to:  The manager who is scratching his head trying to figure out how to improve the culture in his business.  This video gives a really clear way of recognising the stages so he can see where he is starting and where he needs to get to.

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